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All courses can be organized in English.
For the theory-lesson you need to come to the drivingschool. The lesson itself takes approx. 3 hours and once you've completed the lesson, you can rent the books that will support you. A few days later the exam is going to take place in Woensel or in Valkenswaard. No worries on the transport, we will take you there and bring you back to the school.

Just prior to the exam you will receive a training, in which we will eliminate the last errors and prepare you for the exam.
The exams for the car are done twice monthly classical.
The exams for the motorbike, scooter, truck, bus or taxi are done on an individual base for which you need to organize a translator trough tolkennet.nl. These exams are more costly, since you need to pay the translator 167 euro and you need to organize an individual exam.
Costs of a classical course and exam 110.-- euro.
Costs of a individual course and exam 110.-- euro plus an additional amount of 50.-- euro for the individual exam plus 167.-- euro for the translator, so totall 327.-- euro.
At the moment you start driving and your pratical exam is applied for, you will receive a discount on the fare for the exam of 60.-- euro, since this amount of money is reserved in the theorycourse for the lesson.
And basicly the theorylessons are free for our own students!!
Percentage of passing the test is more then 90%.
Once you've succeeded you can continue on the practical part.

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